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Women of Visions, Inc.

 Administrative Boards and Committees  2018 - 2020  
Advisory Board

Elaine Effort


Karen Price


Patricia P. Mitchell

Executive Board

Christine Bethea



Laverne Kemp

Vice President

Mayota Hill

Recording Secretary

Janet Watkins 

Financial Secretary

Annette Jackson


Ruth Bedeian



Ruth Bedeian


Mary Martin

Education & Community Engagement

Public Relation & Marketing,

Financial Officers &

Executive Committee Members, Budget Committee


lynne b.

lynne b. is a mix media artist, independent curator and music archivist. "I work with found objects and I like to layer, collage and repurpose things. As a mix media artist, I go wherever my work leads me."

Jo-Anne Bates

The process of creating mixed media mono-type prints has allowed me to try many different methods of using color, shape, text and more recently texture which lead me in the direction of developing a much different and more exciting colorful abstract prints.


My work often folded, torn and frequently printed with text continues to reflect my interest in color, shape, form and language.


Exploring and experimenting continues to Inform the final outcome which have been referred to as multi colored folded cloth or philosophical road maps. 


Ruth Bedeian

Ruth Bedeian is an artist whose work is primarily in fibers, even though she has a background in painting, calligraphy and design. Her focus for many years has been quilting. Through her quilts she tries to explore her African-American heritage, using images and metaphors that explores the culture heritage of Africa. Much of her influence comes by way of a love of the literature of African-American writers and the images evoked through the stories they tell. The poetry of Jean Toomer or Langston Hughes as well as the novels of Zora Neale Hurston were just as impactful as the collages of Romare Bearden and the paintings of Jacob Lawrence.  


Christine Bethea

In my work, I am sympathetic to that line of thinking. I will dumpster dive, curb-side rescue or hunt flea markets in search of materials to include in my work. Back in my studio, I let the various pieces speak to me, sometimes letting the item simply stand as an unconventional canvas. Influenced by antiquities, architecture, and the reconsideration of historic themes from ancient to modern times, I additionally deconstruct and recycle paper, paint, metal, plastics, wood and most recently sculpt clay by various techniques to create the components, that build my artistic vision of equality and inclusion on all fronts.

Tina Brewer

Tina Williams Brewer, an internationally renowned fiber artist, known for artistic exploration of African American history and culture. Using layered textiles, images and embellishments to create story quilts rich with symbols from the diaspora. A recipient of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor’s Awards for the Arts, Artist of the Year, 2018.  


Instagram: @naomibdaygirl

Naomi  Chambers

Naomi is a Pittsburgh-based painter and assemblage artist; she also runs The Flower House in the Pittsburgh neighborhood Wilkinsburg. The Flower House is a creative space cultivated by group-centered artists who practice cooperative economics to empower women and families.

Contact: 412-404-2022

Delores Currin
Delores Currin is a mixed media and painting artist, who uses her art to express and experiment with different ideas. Her unique artistic practice has provided her with a constant creative outlet, which is used to develop a visual narrative of her personal experiences and beliefs.


Elizabeth Asche Douglas
I am a stylistic chameleon.  No clearly identifiable style, subject matter or artistic approach marks my work as a whole.  I am of a “both/and,” rather than an "either/or" frame of mind.  For me it is no contradiction to assert: “All art is realistic. All art is abstract.” My art is about the myriad subjects and objects and issues that engage me. 

Instagram: @edoscribeslife

Celeta Hickman
The rhythm and pulse of the universe is what I work to interpret in dance to capture in my dance, music and visual art.Beads, paper and textiles are my primary mediums. The divinity of the human spirit and sanctity of the natural world move me to create across multiple genres.


Mayota Hill
I am a fiber artist.  I sense my subjective invisible realities of various thoughts, feelings, and values and proceed to translate them into objective visible ones and present them primarily in abstract form.  I do this by applying fiber to the surfaces of canvas, metal, wood, wire, and other surfaces that might happen to meet my fancy.  Because of such usage, I have been called "fiber artist extraordinaire".  Also, I have been told, I "taste" color, for reason that I incorporate colors that are not generally considered "matching," yet each respective piece culminates into a harmonious eye-catching whole.  My work also includes quilted wall hangings.
Tereneh Idia

Designer and creative community builder. Tereneh is an African-American woman who creates wearable art, adornment and apparel in collaboration with Maasai and Oneida - Haudenosaunee women. Through this new design language melding heritage, history, culture through traditional textile arts with contemporary silhouettes and sustainable materials. 


Through this process Tereneh has developed an eco-design collaboration and process which includes learning, listening and making - in partnership with women across cultural and geographic barriers.


Focused on the key ideas of meaning, matter and material - Tereneh Idia works to understand the meaning of adornment, the way things are made and the elements that create these designs.

Annette Jackson
To be able to create art, I feel, is a God given talent that I love and cherish.  My paintings are expressions of my spirituality, thoughts, concepts, life experiences, and imagination.  I love both abstract and realistic painting.  It is the process, colors, and shapes that intrigue me and keep me wholly committed to each attempt to express and share who I am as an Artist.  Abstracts allow me to go on a journey – time travel – if you will; it’s a continuous discovery of self, living, love, people, in general, and the world in which we live.
Marcia Jackson
Coming Soon
Ashley A. Jones

I am an urban realism artist interested in questions of identity, mainly ones related to the experiences of Black women. Through my art, my overall aim is to make incisive and poignant works that critique and explores standards of beauty, colorism, and hair identity among women in the African-American community. I use drawings, paintings, and installation art to give a visual narrative on how black women have unique experiences based on their skin tone, facial features and hair styles, and the way these experiences influence how they feel about themselves, and how they interact with others.


Charlotte Ka

My current artistic concentrations are paintings, mosaics and installations. The installations are inspired by the black experience in the diaspora with the general theme of” the power of the spirit to overcome obstacles”. My abstract paintings and mosaics illuminate “the beauty of spirit”.

My passion for jazz embraces in my abstraction’s concepts of improvisation, rhythmic energy and color fields. Currently, my partner Mobutu and I are opening a gallery and house of culture called MOKA: Mecca of Kulture & Art. A place for artists and musicians to share in the rebirth of the historic Hill District. 


Instagram: @lavernekemp

LaVerne Kemp
LaVerne’s work as a weaver and fiber artist spans the last 40 years. Her dedication to weaving and teaching has earned her many awards and accolades. She creates one of a kind art to wear textiles and sculptural wall hangings that are very colorful and textural and that speak to her African culture. LaVerne also shares her love of textiles through teaching with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts residency program by instructing her students in the arts of weaving, felting and fabric dying.

coming soon

Christiane Leach
Coming Soon
Mary Martin
My work is an ever-evolving work in progress. I express these ideas using various three-dimensional formats. These often-subconscious intersections create patterns and markings that affirm my ancestral connections. One medium informs the other, as I interpret and question the past. My work reflects a double-consciousness that encompasses both my West African lineage and my existence in this unsettling urban environment of America. My artwork speaks to my identity, familial bonds, spirituality, and the endless search for peace. 
Harriette Meriwether

As a multi-disciplinary artist, I create in watercolor, acrylic, fiber and varied forms of paper. Often, I experiment with new techniques and materials, sometimes combining one or more mediums to create engaging art I create quilted wall hangings in expressive and rich colors, textures and shapes. Some of my quilted works reflect historic and social issues that tap at my core. 

The execution of an idea starts with a rough sketch and thinking through the process…. a clearer design, color, shape, dimension, and writing notes and concepts to develop the composition.  With fiber I look at pattern, shape, size, and I audition a selection of fabrics prior to beginning.

Njaimeh Njie Pic.jpg
Njaimeh Njie

Njaimeh Njie is a Pittsburgh based multimedia producer, using photo, video, audio, and text to document the everyday lives of groups frequently pushed to the margins. Her exhibition and digital work has earned coverage from outlets such as the Huffington Post, Belt Magazine, and the Carnegie Museum of Art Storyboard blog, and she has expanded into the community art space with the “Homecoming: Hill District, USA” public art project. Njie is the Founder/Lead Producer of the nonfiction storytelling company Eleven Stanley Productions, and she earned a B.A. in Film and Media Studies from Washington University in St. Louis.



Altha Pittrell

I like to sculpt to make clay sculptures with the use of a vivid imagination.  I like to paint on various style canvases, as well as to paint on just Bisk clay with the mixtures of Acrylic paints, beyond the rainbow of colors.  Inviting the audience to enjoy my arts of different mediums from my eye's mind. 

Dominque Scaife

I am a self-taught, polymer clay figurative sculptural artist. The intent of my art is to capture the vastness of what it is to be African-American.  Through the manipulation of clay, the images in my spirit come to life. With each figure I am showcasing, the beauty of our various skin tones, features, hairstyles, and characteristics.

Ruth Ward

I consider myself to be a mixed media artist. A quilter first, because I have been quilting for so many years, but also a surface designer and an amateur of several other forms of art. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in my work or you wish to commission a work of art.

My quilts generally tell a story or send a message or have some relation to my life experience. I enjoy my art and spend a great deal of my efforts in improving and perfecting my work.

Most of my art is in private collections but some pieces can be seen at the Pittsburgh History Center, Bidwell Cultural Center or several Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Janet Watkins

Janet Watkins is a ceramic jewelry and figure sculptor artist working in Pittsburgh, PA. Her work is inspired by her love of reclaiming materials and utilizes various mediums including clay, glass, fiber and wood. Watkins recently received the Jurors Choice Award for her work in the Sankofa Soul: Past, Present, Future exhibit at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. She has also participated in a two women show in Sewickley PA, a four artist show called Reclaimation Nation at the Union Project, Pittsburgh PA and currently has her art displayed at the Pittsburgh Cultural District.  To learn more about her and to see her current work, visit her on Instagram - @Janet2100Watkins. 

Mourns the Passing of our Friend and Artist…

Women of Visions, Inc.

Ruth G. Richardson

On behalf of the members of Women of Visions, Inc. (W.O.V.), we wish to convey our deepest sympathy on the passing of Ruth G. Richardson, an admired and captivating artist and friend. She was a faithful member of W.O.V. for over thirty years. Ruth was also very active for years with the Three Rivers Arts Festival, and other community wide endeavors. This is a testimony of her dedication and “creative essence” in art that she shared with the Pittsburgh community. Her profound personality and talent were memorable, and we will always cherish her enthusiasm, spirituality, and love.


We trust that time and memories will help to lessen the pain of sorrow and draw some measure of comfort for those who knew her. Ruth’s memory and legacy will go a long way to benefit others.


To Ruth’s family and loved ones, our prayer is that God will grant you endurance and reward you with strength during this difficult time.


With Love and Sympathy,


Harriette Meriwether | Women of Visions, Inc., President