Women of Visions, Inc. was co-founded in 1981 by a diverse group of Black women of African descent in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1990, Visions was incorporated under the name Women of Visions and attained non-profit status in 1995. Since then, we have aspired to excel as artists and to grow professionally. Over the decades, we have sponsored exhibitions in several local as well as out of state galleries and museums. Our collaborative community efforts have reached both children and senior adults. We also host an annual educational program and encourage other progressive opportunities for our members.

The artists of Women of Visions, Inc. has been making a mark in the art world by creating art in a variety of forms, including painting, fiber art, collage, mixed media, printmaking, photography, ceramics, jewelry, installations, and other three-dimensional works. Some of our artists have exhibited with national and international galleries and museums. We envision that in the next decade, we can create a visual record that places us in the annals of America’s world history of arts.

Our Herstory

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Our Mission

To promote the arts, culture, and history of women of African descent, by helping each other to excel as artists and to grow professionally through exhibitions, community collaboration, educational programming, and other progressive opportunities.

Our Vision

To seek and support and expand the artistic endeavors of African-Americans, and other diverse voices and expressions in visual arts as a part of the greater American art canon.  


Due to the global pandemic, membership enrollment is currently on hold. However, We do intend to recruit members as soon as we are able. Please submit your name, a short bio, and up to three images to womenofvisionspgh@gmail.com


P.O. Box 5071

Pittsburgh, PA. 15206




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