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Sankofa Legacy

About to embark on their 40th Anniversary, Women of Visions held their first event of 2020 at the Undercroft Gallery, First Unitarian Church in Shadyside.  Once again, we embraced the Sankofa bird, African Symbol of “looking back to look forward.”  The idea of gathering wisdom from the past to make the future productive, is a reoccurring  theme which continues to inspire.

Parts, Patterns, and Pieces

This interdisciplinary exhibit, organized by Women of Visions, Inc., features artworks by regional artists and explores visual expressions related to Black hair. From intuitive geometry to strands of resistance, these African American artists adapt, innovate, and integrate cultural notions of adornment by drawing from within.

Storytellers: Truth be Told!

In West Africa, the “Griot” (GREE-Oh) or “Jeli”--storyteller-- of the tribe is one who  perpetuates the oral traditions and history of a village through, praise-singing, poetry and other vocal art forms. Critical passages are added on by every generation; then passed on from griot to griot. The recounting may include Important rulings from Kings and Queens, battles of legendary warriors or even political satire.  In this exhibition, the griot tradition expands, visualized through modern eyes and the art of women from today’s African Diaspora; women of color who have lived lives and experiences that many will find both incredible and inspiring while also giving rise to the expectation that the truth can finally be told.   

Seats of Power

Seats of Power pays tribute to prominent and unsung heroes, mentors, and sources of inspiration that echo stories of the past, present, and future.  Seats of Power honors those who saw teachable moments in the lives of Women of Visions, Inc. artists and helped to shape their character and their art. 

Sankofa Soul: Past, Present, Future

The sankofa bird symbolizes the Akan people’s quest for knowledge with the

implication that the quest forward is based on critical examination, and intelligent

and patient investigation of the past.

Art on the Walls: A Retrospective Moment

As part of Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council's exhibition series, Art on the Walls, A Retrospective Moment, art by members of Women of Visions, Inc. September 2018 - January 2019.


This exhibition is a selection of art works from the artists' personal collections, which form this retrospective exhibition.

Celebrating a Legacy:

A Collection of Works by Women of Visions Inc.

Celebrating a Legacy is a collection of works by members of Women of Visions Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to the artwork created by women of the African diaspora.

Each work of art nurtures the roots of their heritage and captures their collective experiences on canvas, fiber, paper, and other media. The exhibition features the work of twenty-four artists whose art has been exhibited nationally and internationally.